We have an advanced algorithm that monitors all major global activity, trends and markets 24 * 7 * 365. This constantly assesses, monitors and analyses all major global trends and activities. And then cross-correlates and collates all the data in real-time to provide commercial recommendations in an actionable format.

We have our own processes for subsequently filtering opportunities further by rapidly constructing, testing and re-building detailed commercial models and prototypes in a highly iterative manner and ready for market testing.

We expect our returns from all ventures through this algorithm to be 100% positive.

As of the 1st September 2013 our first 2 ventures emerging through the algorithm are www.TradingStrategist.com and www.Swimonomics.com.

Ways to engage and listed in order of preference

Concept development

If you are seeking to exploit market opportunities that are realistically of at least $100M++ annual run rate that are achievable within 24 – 36 – months and the opportunity meets these requirements then we may be able to help:

• The idea is still early stage – no later than concept / POC
• You are a commercially proven entrepreneur / management team with a potentially compelling idea
• You are a Corporate entity seeking to substantially change / adapt / exploit a new opportunity
• Remuneration is flexible but as a minimum we would seek a substantial but not controlling equity position in any and all opportunities

Capital broking

If you are seeking finance across any asset class, anywhere in the world then we are able to assist through our network of established financial services relationships

Introductions are the best method of engaging us else please use the attached form.
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